Illamasqua Throb Nail Collection ♥

I am simply lost for words at the make-up for the ad campaign of the new Illamasqua Throb Nail Polish Collection! The detailing and clean lines is gorgeous! Everything is in the shape of a heart - even her hair/wig! The colour trio is also gorgeous, love the combination - especially the Matte Black Scorn and Cream Load. Each shade retails for £13.50, available to buy at ASOS: Illamasqua Throb @ Asos

Cute Rain-Cape - Burberry Prorsum F/W 2011

How cute is this rain-cape style Burberry cover-up brand new in their Prorsum collection for Fall/Winter 2011 from Fashion Week? Simply love it! xoxo

Tried & Tested: L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Ok girlies, I am a HUGE fan of the classic Telescopic mascara in Carbon Black, I use it on top of my usuals - Lancome Hypnose or YSL Faux Cils. But, on a recent holiday to Kuala Lumpur, they didn't have the Carbon Black Telescopic anywhere, and instead I was introduced to the Telescopic Explosion. I'm always willing to try new things, so I bought it hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
Firstly, I would NOT recommend this product to be used on its own. When I tried it on its own, it really did nothing to lengthen or add volume. But wowie does it fan out the lashes. You get that soft, pretty and subtle natural look. It is also really useful to reach the inner corner lashes due to its small round, globe-like head. The mascara itself, I found to be really runny on the first use, but it has since thickened up (have no idea how & why), but I'm growing more attached to it with every use. I use it as a base mascara and apply Hypnose on top and it really does help to give that dramatic fanned out look when coupled with a second mascara. It also curls amazingly!! I think as my lashes are naturally quite long, maybe I couldn't note it's lengthening effects, but for me, I wouldn't purchase it for that use. All in all, if, like me you like using more than one mascara, then this is definitely a must have as a base coat, and so I would purchase it again. 
Available in Black Blister & Brown Blister, £11.29 at
Has anyone else tried it, and if so, how was it for you? xoxo

Is Gucci About To Launch A Beauty Line?

Rumour is that fashion house Gucci is to extend its fragrance brand into a full-blown make-up house (yay!) Yesterday the Italian fashion house and its licensee, Procter & Gamble Prestige announced that they have inked in a renewal of their current licensing agreement. Under its new terms, the extended license now will encompass the entire beauty category, including cosmetics and skin care products. We're already picturing the gold packaging and gorgeous shades, in decadent colours. *Swoon* Here's hoping the rumours are true! 

Chanel Animation Video - Too Cute!

Peter Philips, Chanel's Global Creative Directore of Makeup, has created a stop-motion short film featuring an array of 'so cute I'm gonna die!' characters made from the gorgeous Chanel make-up brushes, pots and accessories.  The animation is currently on LVMH'S cultural website - Nowness, and honestly, it really is so cute you just want to watch it over and over again! We're in love with the Chanel supermodel sporting a fluffy 'brush' skirt and pink eyeshadow and lipstick, tres chic! Watch the video below:-

The Louboutin Manicure ♥

How gorgeous is this manicure inspired by the infamous Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes? Simply great, that's all (ooo maybe the nails could be a tad shorter but then the red colour wouldn't have that much of a role!) Great idea though.....

Quote Of The Day

‘As a designer who is not exactly skinny, I am very sensitive to comfort because I am not comfortable anywhere or with anything. I never had a muse or said, 'Oh my God, my woman is that and that and she has to be seven and a half feet tall and she has to weigh three kilograms.' - Alber Elbaz 

Kim Kardashian Looks Posh!

Kim Kardashian seen here wearing the famous optical illusion dress by Alexander McQueen, for promotional shots for her new reality show - Kourtney & Kim Take New York.
The dress was first worn by Posh (Victoria Beckham) back in 2009 whilst going to dinner in London. While Victoria opted for a shorter version of the dress, Kim is seen wearing a full length one. We think this kind of dress is not a suitable choice for an already curvy figure as it's optical illusion design serves to add more curves and produce an hourglass figure, working well on Posh and not on Kim.
What do you think? Who wore it better?

Head Over Heels For Rupert Sanderson's New 140mm Heel Shoe!

Hydra Patent. Elle Pics.

Gorgeous new designs, unbelievable new heel heights and a svelte double platform to complete the new shoes we have fallen for! Rupert Sanderson's latest collection is aiming high with the launch of a new, super heel length, At a whopping 140mm, we think he's stumbled across shoe-heaven (excuse the pun!)
Antwerp Tan. Elle Pics.
"In terms of design limits, there's only so high you can go with a heel, to create a shoe that's still perfectly balanced and wearable at the same time," Sanderson explains. "I was interested in seeing how high I could build up this heel and platform combination whilst keeping the styles as simple and un-fussy as possible. That's how I came up with the sort of 'abstract' double platform - it looks somehow lighter and less clumpy when 'split' in two. I love the graphicness and simple colour blocking in Hydra."
Antwerp Suede. Elle Pics.
We think they are classic designs, whipped into modern frenzy with gorgeous light colours in time for S/S 2011! The double platform certainly does take away from that shoe-clump look we find on most platform shoes, we think this is more subtle and flattering.
Visit his site for more info:

Ce n'est pas un Birkin...the Birkin Lookalike!

While we are sure that everyone knows what a Hermès Birkin bag is and that with it's waiting list abolished and hefty price tag the chances of us even getting close to buying one in this lifetime are pretty slim. But the makers behind American brand Thursday Friday have designed a tote which provides shoppers who don't have at least £4,000 to spend on the infamous bag to purchase a tote quite similar to it! The Together Tote features the iconic Birkin bag printed on each side of the canvas tote and retails for $35 (around £20). Whilst this isn't the first tote of its kind to imitate or mock designers (a la the Karl Who? tote), imagine our surprise when we heard there is already a three month waiting list for the savvy tote!


Roni Brunn and Olena Sholomytska, the duo behind Thursday Friday, told the New York Times: 'We realized that we were using an extra bag to supplement our "real" bags.So we ended up with a surreal design that references luxury but is ultimately an anti-status status symbol.'

The Birkin bag, named after Sixties style icon Jane Birkin, has become the ultimate fashion status symbol. 
The bag was born when the actress unknowingly complained to an Hermès boss that her straw bag couldn't fit all her belongings on a flight from Paris to London, and thus the ultimate status bag was designed!

Jane Birkin complained of her straw bag to Hermès creators and they tailor made a Birkin bag for her and the rest is arm candy history!
Victoria Beckham is rumoured to own a collection of 100 worth £1.5m and an anonymous bidder recently paid £49,000 for a second-hand bag version at a Christie's auction.

The Together tote comes in three classic colours, red, blue and camel, and whilst we realise that Posh will not be rushing to buy this tote, we want to know, would you?
To see if you can get your hands on one, visit their website:

Tip Of The Day

"Use a washcloth steeped in warm water and a shot of lime essential oil and gently press this into the skin. When you breathe in the oils, it will brighten the mind as well as de-stress the skin." Noella Gabriel, Elemis Product & Treatment Developer.

Will Victoria Finally Get A Baby Girl She's Always Wanted?

David Beckham has announced on his Facebook page that the infamous couple are now expecting their fourth child! The fourth baby Beckham is expected sometime in Summer, with David posting on his Fb page: "I've got great news to tell you. Victoria and I are expecting a fouth child this summer. The boys are very excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister." 
Both Mr & Mrs Beckham have spoken of their desire to add to the family after having three boys - Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz who is 5. 
The couple hosted a celebratory dinner last night to tell their family, and who knows, maybe Posh will finally get the girl she's always wanted. She recently said in an interview that she could imagine 'painting her nails, putting on make-up, and choosing clothes with her.'. 

Last year she said: ‘Everyone keeps asking me if I would like to have a little girl and I think, at some point, if I am lucky enough to have another baby, that would be great. If I am blessed enough.’

Pregnant & still in heels, and hardly showing. DailyMail Pics.

Sources close to Mrs Beckham told the Daily Mail that she plans to work through as much of her pregnancy as possible insisting it is ‘business as usual’ – as she has for her previous three. 

Victoria will also have to have another Caesarean section because of the risks of a natural birth after already having had the operation before.

Kylie congratulates the couple. DailyMail Pics.
Celeb friends have congratulated the couple on Twitter, and we think it's great news as we're kinda in a baby craze at the moment aswell!
Amanda Holden congratulates the couple. DailyMail Pics.
Victoria Pregnant With Cruz in 2004. DailyMail Pics.
Well if it is a girl, we're thinking baby high-heeled Louboutins? 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We, at Couture Diaries want to wish all our readers who are celebrating, a very Merry Christmas, and an even more fabulous New Year! We hope the coming year brings happiness and joy for all! Have a couture time! 

Beauty Tip Of The Day

Prepare to be adored with this quick and easy face mask by beauty blogger Leslie Ann-Barrett:- 

  • 1/2 Lemon squeeze into bowl
  • 1 egg white
  • Mix together and paint onto face and neck
  • Let dry for 10-15 minutes until your face feels really tight
  • Rinse with tepid water
  • Follow with your moisturizer if needed
  • Prepare to be adored

Quote Of The Day

"Happy girls are the prettiest." - Audrey Hepburn. 

Everyone's All Caped Up!

It seems we're not the only ones coveting our capes at the fact it seems Kim Kardashian has three different ones and Lily Allen and Kate Hudson both are donning the same Louis Vuitton one (which we think is really grannified to be honest!) But we love Victoria's one! Tell us what you think...

Seven Tips For A Slimmer Waist...

So what if your waist isn't this slim, fake it! Getty Images.

Charla Krupp, style expert and author of 'How to Never Look Fat Again' tells Stylelist seven important and minimal ways to looks slimmer without diet & exercise! We understand that while these may seem simple & not be a trick to make you look 10lbs thinner, but they are understated, minimal changes that do actually make a difference.

1. Get a high-waisted bike short. "You can't go out of the house without it. If you have any kind of muffin top, you have to get rid of it immediately, and these pieces really do it. I like the Skinny Britches by Spanx because they're not that intense. But you can't just get the kind that stop at the waist, or you're going to get a muffin top. You can wear them with anything, from jeans to dresses."

2. Try a shapewear top"They're very basic, so you can wear it with a cardigan over it or a jacket over it. Spanx has a couple that have V-necks and scoop necks. They're going to hold your arms in, as well as your waist and your tummy."

3. Buy a new bra. "If you get a new bra, you're going to help your waistline, because you need to hoist the girls up as far as possible. You want to have a long, lean torso, so you want to get your boobs up – and most women are not wearing a cup size that's big enough, so they're hanging down and their bras are all stretched out. Bras don't last forever. People don't want to throw out their bras, but they really don't last forever. The elasticity in them goes, so you have to get fresh bras that really boost your boobs."

4. Create an illusion. "Look for clothes that have a black or navy panel on the sides. It just slims you down. Black will automatically reduce you, but you don't want to walk around in all black -- it's too depressing. If you find clothes that have black on the sides, it will make your waist look like nothing. Also, you can adopt that trend with a black sheath. Just get a black wool crepe sheath -- it can be sleeveless -- and wear a colored long cardigan over it and belt it. Or not. But you're going to look thin if you're wearing black in the middle."

5. Boost your belt. "Another trick is to fake a smaller waistline. Rather than put a belt across the widest part of your waist, you can move a belt up, right under your bra. That's where most women are thinnest. So, it's an optical illusion. You're giving yourself a built-in empire waist. Just make sure the belt isn't super thick, because you don't want your boobs resting on the belt. Not a good look."

6. Go empire. "Empire tops can also make you look thinner. If you do have a really big stomach, they'll hide the outline of the stomach so you really don't know where it starts and stops. But don't do ones that are really out there poofy or you'll look like a big blob."

7. Strap on stilettos. "Wearing heels always makes you look thinner and that's really easy." (We agree!)

Beauty Tip Of The Day

"If you have dry skin or tend to suffer from dry spots on your face (like me), then make sure to moisturise your neck everyday. When the neck becomes dry, it draws moisture from your face, making the dry spots worse, and we certainly don't want that!" 

Quote Of The Day

"Beauty is as beauty does. We're remembered not by what we looked like but how we behaved and changed the lives of others." - Cristina Carlino (Philosophy Skincare Founder). 

Curl Up With Penguin's New Clothbound Classics ♥

We can't think of anything better than curling up on a snowy day with a huge mug of Belgian hot chocolate and losing ourselves in one of Penguin's Classic books. Why the Penguin edition's you may ask, well because the clever little Penguin has recently released a gorgeous range of clothbound hardback copies of the classics we all know and love! The titles include Pride & Prejudice, Oliver Twist, Little Women, and many more and each one is as beautifully designed as the other. Designed by award-winning Penguin designer Coralie Bickford-Smith, we want one of each : )
There's also a cute and gorgeous range of children classics available which we can't resist either! 
Click here to view the range and other Penguin products: 

Lash Perfect Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions!

Do you wish you could wake up with full, long-length lashes everyday and not have to grab your mascara (or three!) to get that effect? Well wish no longer... Lash Perfect is here to do just that with their new semi-permanent eyelash extensions! 
The extensions last up to twelve weeks, with a regular top-up every three to four weeks available, and the process is simple. Just pop into a Lash Perfect salon, and after discussing your requirements, a technician will choose the correct length, shape, and thickness of lash and will get working! Gel pads are then used to cover your lower lashes whilst individual synthetic lashes are placed carefully on top of your own lashes using a strong adhesive (which is also eye-friendly). Roughly between 80 to 120 eyelashes are needed for each eye, and will take, overall, about an hour and a half to complete. The process is very relaxing and absolutely painless. The extensions come in a variety of lengths, colour, thickness and style of curl. Eye make-up can be applied as normal afterwards, (although make-up with a high oil content should be avoided) but Lash Perfect recommend that you use their specially formulated eye make-up remover to cleanse the area afterwards. The results are amazing, and well worth it. Prices start from £80.
Ooh and did we mention that Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham have already had the procedure done? ...
To find your nearest Lash Perfect salon visit their website: Lash Perfect
Lash Perfect recommend you remove any eye make-up with their specially formulated remover. And it is best not to use make-up with high oil content.To find your nearest Lash Perfect salon visit their website... Lash Perfect 
Prices start from £80

Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Service Is Now Online ♥

If your a lucky so and so and already own a Louis Vuitton handbag, or are thinking of finally just going for it and getting one, then why not go that one step further and personalise your Louis with Louis Vuitton's Mon Monogram service! We've seen quite a few personalisations already, but the service, aptly named 'My Monogram' is finally now available online, yay!
Their new website allows customers to personalise a range of bags from the infamous Speedy to the Keepall and Pégase travel bags. You can add your own initials, add a full-stop in between the letters, choose colourful stripes and move them around from the side to the middle according to your own personal taste. With different sizes and 17 different colours, the options are endless - actually resulting in more than 200 million possible combinations per bag! Wowie! 
Let's face it, with so many fake speedy's going around, we think it's a sophisticated way of showing yours is authentic while adding your own personal touch at the same time. Perfect ♥
Click here to try out the monogram service for yourselves: Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Service

Quote Of The Day

"Calories are the little monsters that creep into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter while you sleep. My wardrobe is infested with them."

Super Huge Mulberry Bag Hanging Around In Central London!

A gorgeous, sparkly, super huge Mulberry Bayswater bag was seen tottering around in Central London today. Where was it going, you may ask? Well, home of course! That is the new Mulberry flagship store that is being opened in New Bond St. The gold bag looked a little lost, but managed to find its way in the end ; ) Aww bless! 

Looking Lost in Central London

Hopping Into A Black Cab (with a little help!)

Aah! Finally Home! (New Bond St, London) Pics.

Tip Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Stop Press! New Arm-toning Top Arrives!

Joy to the women of the world - the new arm-toning, bingo-wing busting top has arrived! The garment, designed by US actress, Kathy Najimy, and named Ch'Arms, works in a similar way to the famous Spanx panty-hose, and claims to squeeze in loose skin around the upper arm, providing a more toned look. Miss Najimy, 53, states: ‘Ch’Arms is lightweight and seamless and allows its wearer to feel comfortable and confident. Ch'Arms is a garment problem-solve. For those of us who love the look of short sleeve garments but sometimes choose to have our arms covered, Ch'Arms gives us the best of both worlds. No more bulky layers either under or over your cute shirt or dress.'

Not only does it aim to tone arms, but it also goes one step further to hold in the stomach and enhance the cleavage, with a specially-cut chest area, allowing users to wear their own bra and any neck-line shirt/dress they like!
We think Miss Najimy has got it spot on with her product as a recent survey revealed that three in four women hate bingo wings more than any other part of their body!

Miss Najimy says that she hopes the Spandex, cotton and sheer mesh garments – priced at about £20 and available in six colours – will give women the confidence to wear closer-fitting clothes. 
Although the product is currently only available to buy through US shopping website HSN, Miss Najimy says that she hopes to be stocking in the UK soon! 
The top comes in three different fabrics, each of which offer a different level of support. Hooray for toned arms!

Click here to visit HSN:

Tip Of The Day

"Try talcum or baby powder on greasy stains. Sprinkle onto the offending patch and leave overnight for the powder to soak up the oil." 

Quote Of The Day

David Pena Pics.
"When in doubt, wear red." Bill Blass (designer) 

Samantha Cameron Is Patron Of The GOSH Ball

The Prime Minister's wife, Samantha Cameron has been chosen as this year's patron of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity Christmas Ball. "I'm delighted to lend my support to this special event that we hope will raise a substantial amount of funding for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity," Mrs Cameron said.
The Dickensian Ball which will take place at Harrods tomorrow, December 1st, was inspired by author Charles Dickens for his early support for the charity. The event aims to raise £500,000 of much needed funding for the children's hospital in order to buy a range of lfe-saving equipments, from defribillators to incubators. An extensive guest list have all already RSVP'd, including Liz Hurley and Tamara Ecclestone, who will all be asked to donate and pledge money to the charity.
We love Great Ormond Street Hospital for their life-saving work, and having saved the life of a child very dear to us, so we encourage all to help their charity. For more information on the charity and to donate, visit

Couture Diaries Is On Facebook!

Just a quick note to let all our glamorous readers know that we are now on Facebook. 'Like' our page for regular updates on posts or even just to leave your thoughts or let your friends know what you enjoy reading about! Click here for our Facebook page: Couture Diaries On Facebook 

Is Your Bottom A Tomato Or A Potato?

Designers of the Wonderbum dresses have stated that women's bottoms all come down to 4 different shapes - the pear, the tomato, the potato & the nectarine!
Supermarket Asda's clothes line - George, has created a line of £20 Christmas dresses in a bid to cater for women of all shapes & sizes. George teamed up with bottom expert Dr David Holmes to conduct a survey of 18,000 females, which found that an astonishing 85% of women are unhappy with their derrieres!
Dr Holmes, who is a psychologist at the Manchester Metropolitan University has said: ‘In the 21st century the derriere shape has improved for some with modern exercise regimes and diets. For most, however, the effect of plentiful attractive food has taken its toll and the cartoon perfection of spherical derrieres has given way to softer, rounded tomato derrieres, the wider, flatter pancake shapes and the less defined potato rears.’ 
He further adds that he has already produced a scientific equation for the perfect behind, based on shape, bounce, firmness and symmetry. "The perfect female derriere has firmness to the touch and a resilience that prevents undue wobble or bounce, yet looks soft with flawless skin," - well that means all of us then!

So how do you define what shape you are? Here's a quick guide:-

The Tomato

Proportion of women: 45 per cent. Plump, round and squishy to the touch, the tomato is fast becoming the norm. It sits best in a tight structured dress which has a firming effect.
The Potato
Proportion of women: 30 per cent. The second most common shape, this wide bottom is probably the least fortunate; lumpy in parts, it needs careful dressing and attention. A tulip-shaped shift hides a multitude of sins and will slim and elongate a wide behind. 
The Pear
Proportion of women: 15 per cent. Narrower at the top and almost twice the size at the fullest part, this is trickiest to buy for and the best tactic is a distraction. A long maxi dress detracts from the lower region and a halter neckline accentuating the shoulders balances out the bottom. 
The Nectarine
Proportion of women: 10 per cent. Full and round and pert in appearance. It stands out naturally and – lucky you – you can really show it off in a tight satin dress.

Fiona Lambert, of George, said: ‘Women should celebrate their shapes this Christmas. We’ve designed a range to suit every shape and size.’

The dresses are on sale now in sizes 8-20 from Asda stores.

What Beauty Products Are In Victoria Beckham's Handbag?

Mrs Beckham recently told InStyle magazine her beauty must-haves that she always keeps in her bag:-

• Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream.
• Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Foundation with SPF.
• Rose Water (for spritzing on your face to hydrate).
• Pure Aloe Vera, which she slathers all over her face and body before travelling.
Simple, and great!